Why are stone benchtops preferred in kitchens over marble benchtops?

Stone benchtops and marble benchtops are both stone materials, and both are particularly beautiful. However, there are significant reasons behind the popularity of stone benchtops over marble benchtops. 

A stone benchtop gives a kitchen a luxurious effect, however it is not only about the glamorous look it gives your kitchen but also that it provides countless benefits that makes your time in the kitchen more comfortable and pleasant. Stone benchtops are highly durable and suitable for both residential kitchens and for commercial interior designs. We highlight some of the most prominent features and benefits of stone benchtops.

The aesthetic appeal.

Stone is known for its stainless beauty and elegance, giving your kitchen a luxurious look and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Stone benchtops are best for the people who need a unique touch in their kitchen. and are often preferred by interior design companies in Melbourne. The texture of stone benchtops is very smooth, silky, and shiny. The best thing about stone benchtops is it comes in a large range of color shades and designs. Stone benchtops mostly come in neutral shades and colors that can complement any kitchen style. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes so you can select from the list according to your requirements. 


The obvious feature of stone benchtops is its quality. Stone benchtops often come with a lifetime guarantee. Stone can be a little more expensive than other materials, but it is often worth investing in because of the high quality stone provides. Stone benches are a good investment because they add value to your house and deliver you unmatchable quality. 

stone surface

Easy to clean.

Stone benches are easy to clean and do not absorb liquid. This is one of stones main advantages over marble, as marble may be a strong and stunning material but it is porous, making it absorbent and a place for bacteria to build up. Stone, on the other hand, is non-porous and does not have pores and cracks, making the kitchen surface bacteria-free. When it comes to cleaning we advise that you have to be very gentle while cleaning stone, and to use non-acidic surface cleaners.  

Low maintenance. 

The stone benchtops require very little maintenance because it is one of the strongest, and non-porous materials. It also does not get cracks very easily, so you do not have to worry about replacement any time soon. Maintenance expenses are also kept to a minimum because it is very simple to clean and maintain. 

Resistant to stain. 

The stone benchtops maintain their beauty and charm for a long time because they are stain-resistant. Stain causing liquids do not get absorbed and can be easily removed with the wipe. Unlike the other materials like marble, which let the stain stay on it. Therefore, even after the years, the stone holds on to its shine and beauty. The stone can give your kitchen lifetime glamorous appearance and always give your house a fresh look. 

Easy to install.

The stone benchtops are relatively very easy to install. Typically there are no complications with the installation of the stone as it is easily shaped and cut according to the building requirements. For the installation of the stone, you should employ the services of experts who know the processes and requirements for installing stone benchtops

Longevity and versatility.

Stone is the strongest mineral in the world, it is tough and long-lasting due to its material qualities. People prefer to use stone as a benchtop over marble because it serves them with lifetime benefits and charm that marble cannot provide them. Along with the kitchen, stone can be used for various purposes around the house and provide your home with a luxurious look. You can also use stone for flooring, walls, backsplash, and fireplaces. 

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