A No-Nonsense Guide to Wood Oils

Wood oil is best defined as a decorative and protective finish for wood. The application of wood oil can be done on top of timber or plain wood surfaces or over timber wood stains. Even though wood oils are not as long-lasting as varnishes, they are still protective, and many woodworkers love using them. A major reason why wood oils are used is that they assist in making the wood a lot more attractive and pleasant to the eyes. However, you need to know also that because it is a type of wood finish, the coverage of wood oil cannot be done easily with paint or varnishes.

One thing with wood oil is that it can penetrate the wood, and it can sink in and take the place of natural oils that might have been lost as a result of age, exposure, wear and tear. With wood oil, it becomes possible to bring life to the wood by allowing its natural colours and features to become a lot more prominent. Hence, it is no surprise that the wooden surfaces in many places are radically changed and transformed via the application of the varnish.

If you make use of several layers of wood oil, what you end up doing is coming up with a long-lasting surface finish that can be used in the sealing of open surfaces and wooden floors. After the surface is dry, the wood oil can then be applied, and this makes maintenance a lot easier.

Unlike the high-VOC wood varnishes, wood oils are mainly made from natural substances, and this makes the application easy, the same applies to the maintenance. If your hobby is taking good care of wood surfaces, making use of the right type of wood oil is always a better option. It is a better option than making use of varnish or wax. That said, there are various kinds of wood oil finishes, so you have a lot you can select from.


At this stage, there will be those who will honestly be wondering what the difference between wood oils and wood varnish is. Well, there are several advantages associated with the wood oils, unlike the wood varnish, wood oils can provide a longer-lasting effect for the wooden surfaces. This is possible because the wood oils can penetrate the layers of the wood. This way, you end up spending lower to get even more durable effects.

Wood oils are also better suited for commercial areas that are always in use. This is in addition to being perfect for domestic areas. Another thing with wood oils again is that they offer a good degree of protection from spillage even when there has been damage to the surface.

Also, in a time when everyone is concerned about the effect of substances on the environment, wood oils are a lot more friendly to the environment. The same thing applies to user-friendliness, unlike the other options that are available for wood varnish. However, for you to get the very best out of wood oils, you will have to be ready for maintenance over time. Ensure you use the right wood oil for the type of wood you are dealing with to gain the best appearance and to preserve the wood to last a long time to come.