Interior Stylists Impacted By The Pandemic

A new wave of innovation, for all business sectors, is currently faced by the whole world because of COVID-19. While some are still on the verge of adopting the new normalcy where barriers should be set in close settings, some are going mobile regardless and are confident in doing so as long as they follow a protocol of hand sanitization and wearing masks. This puts the workplace design in challenging times as the potential of something new has to evolve in terms of putting function and safety together and even stronger.

The current situation amongst Interior Stylists and Designers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) surveyed industry professionals biweekly since March to measure the impact of the current pandemic on design projects and overall business performance. The results reflect the respondents’ tendency to lean into the grief brought by COVID-19’s aftermath, the economic depression.

While there’s still increased tension all over the world of whether we could endure this disease or not, by evolving ourselves or through the measures we implement, one thing’s for sure. There’s a big change that’s coming. Whether it is through how we do things or how our environment adjusts, it will not come easy. But the keyword is rebuilding.

What’s in store for the human race

From that standpoint, seeing it from a rebuilder’s perspective, it couldn’t be right to assume that interior stylists are suffering during COVID-19. ASID’s survey results reflected 55% of American interior designers whose projects were put on hold and that even an unemployed 6% exists. But as the world slowly reopens to people with the necessary precautions applied and innovative arrangements implemented, there’s a greater possibility that we would thrive along with businesses and companies.

And while it’s becoming a norm to adhere to the demand of many restaurants, retail shops, and malls, in general, to be measured of the temperature or asked to wear masks upon entering, there’s an underlying discomfort that we all put aside for the common good. Since we are aware of how the coronavirus may be transmitted, we conform to the set rules for now. But it’s undeniable that there’s an existing problem that is life-threatening.

Interior Design Fit Out

There’s an opportunity

The window of opportunity will be open to whoever has the most creative mind in finding a solution.

Looking at acrylic glass barriers set up in cafes and physical barriers extended to set table perimeters are just but a few of these innovations. There’s the need to maintain social distancing, there’s the need to keep a certain number of people to a minimum, and definitely, placement of hand sanitizers had become a must. So, interior stylists should work now more than ever because of these additionals that have become essentials overnight.

There are tons of adjustments needed to be done in certain buildings, offices, transportation, and accommodations. A Medical centre fitout is needed while keeping the present situation in mind.

While the preference for the sustainable design was yet to fully emerge, it could be great timing to do both at once. Co-living spaces were still on its young stages of adaptation when it suddenly became a no-no due to the idea of ‘sharing a space’. There’s no way these businesses could just demolish what they had put up. So instead, they need revisions and adjustments.

The earlier an interior stylist could accept that there’s no more going to how we used to be after COVID-19, the earlier they could work on advanced designs defying the spread of coronavirus.

In every challenge, a great survivor shall emerge. Have a rain check on what you deem essential and then root from it. After all, too many things getting in the way of your focus need to be decluttered. Interior stylists, like everybody else, is facing a challenge, but they should know that they could start a whole new concept based on what stopped them. COVID-19 had stopped everybody to see something that was pretty obvious for a long time. Once interior stylists find that, then they will remain on top of their game.