10 common mistakes to avoid when redecorating

Something easy like a tweak here and there can make all the difference. You can create balance and order along with turning a cluttered space into a tranquil one, but you need to know what is right and what is wrong.

There are a few common mistakes people often make during renovations:

Over-furnishing your room

It doesn’t take much to turn a nice space into a space that looks like a dumping ground for accessories and décor pieces. Your furniture needs to fill your area and create a space that is functional and appealing to the eye. You need to have plenty of space in the room so you can move freely without obstructions and to give a glow to the room. You don’t want the room to feel cramped, and this can happen when too many décor pieces, furniture and accessories are added to the room. Considering the instance where you want to adopt a coastal theme to your room,  it would be a lot better when the coastal home interiors and furniture is chosen would be just a few and spread out in space to give a simplistic vibe to the room.

If you don’t have too much in the room, but it still feels cramped, then it could be the placement of the furniture. Try moving things around to see if they look more open somewhere else.

Don’t force something in that will not fit

You don’t wear clothes that are too small, and even if you manage to squeeze into them, you are going to have trouble relaxing; not to mention look silly. Your room can seem silly and unbalanced too if there is too much squeezed into it. If there is a cupboard that won’t fit inside the room, but you squeeze it in any way, you are going to have trouble relaxing in that room. Most people don’t measure out items before they buy them; instead, they go ahead and buy it without checking, but then find it is too big for their area.

Beautiful living room

Heavy curtains

Don’t go for the heavy drapes and curtains when some nice roller blinds come in beautiful neutral fabrics. This will help you to achieve a block-out effect when you want it, but it will be more subtle. Heavy drapes and curtains will take over and become the main feature of the room, and that is not what you want. Sheer curtains can work well, and they will add natural light and an airy feeling to the room.

Don’t show your items

Try not to display your storage solutions whenever possible – hide what can be hidden. If you can have your storage behind closed doors, the more often, the better. This adds a clean and organised look to your home.

Your TV placement

Don’t put your TV in front of a window that will block light and create glare on the TV. You want to be placing a TV against a blank wall, or on the wall if you’re going to go for a more streamlined look. When shopping for TV units, ensure you purchase one that is the right dimensions for the room.

Lacking in rugs

Your room won’t feel complete without adding patterns and colours to the floor. Even if you already have carpet or floorboards, adding a rug such as an armadillo rug or just a furry throw rug, can give a more cosy and warmer feeling to the room.

Using the wrong rug size

People tend to go for the postage-stamp-sized rugs for their home, which ends up creating unbalance in the room. Aim for a rug that is so large that most furniture in the room is placed on it. This will give a look of balance and creates a zone for the room.

Going too dark

Living rooms are often dull, and the reason for that is the fact they lack colour. You can add a dash or a splash (depending on your style) This can be included from throw rugs, artwork, cushions etc. You don’t want dark colours you want more warm and bright colours that stand out.

Mixing up styles

It can work to have a few different decorating styles, but when you are mashing them together within the one room, they can look bad. If you have chosen around the armchair, then go for the same style as your couch also.

Too much matchy-match

Like above you don’t want too many different styles, but you also don’t want it all the same. If your furniture is all similar, then throw some cushions in that have brightly coloured patterns to break it all up a little bit.


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