How to go about with your kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the most renovated places in the house beside the bathroom. This is because it’s the most frequently used part of the house by several people. Therefore, people want efficiency, functionality, and the ability to mingle with friends and family while making delicious meals. In case the kitchen does not have what, the homeowners expect, the mental process of renovation begins. However, the big question is, how do you start the process of renovating your kitchen both mentally and physically to achieve the desired results? Keep reading, we have answers for you.

Prepare yourself mentally for Renovation

This is the first step to remind yourself why you need your kitchen renovated.  It could be;

  • The design is outdated and does not go with your house aesthetics.
  • You want a kitchen that fully meets your household needs and lifestyle.
  • You want to use and maximize available space in your kitchen fully.
  • You want to sell your house at a better price.

Any of the above reasons can be the forefront reason to help and motivate you to renovate your kitchen.

Do your Research Thoroughly

Nothing will make your project more frustrating than half baked ideas. It would be best if you researched what you and your household need thoroughly. This could be through going to showrooms, scouring magazines for appropriate models to incorporate, researching online reviews, asking for recommendations, and writing them down. This way, you will have a solid idea of what you want at the end of the renovation. It can also include technical and mechanical details such as the air compressor fittings you wish to have for your kitchen interior, intricate tile work, etc.

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 Calculate and Determine your Budget

This is a make or break point of renovation. You cannot have a kitchen renovation budget of $7000, yet you want an improvement that costs $40,000. You need to be utterly realistic when drafting and calculating your budget. Estimate your budget with at least an increase of 20% this will cater for hidden costs when the project is running.

Also, on the same note, when calculating your kitchen renovation budget consider your wants and needs. It is human nature to want big things; however, examine if you need that extra kitchen equipment. Which will not only increase your electricity bill but also consume your limited space?

Bring in Professionals

Once you have done your research and you have a rough estimate of your budget you need to call in the professionals. Note that, there are several professionals you can incorporate in your kitchen renovation. Most importantly, ensure you have a kitchen designer, a general contractor, plumber, and electrician. Other professionals like the architect you may incorporate if you truly need their service. You also need these professionals to know the intricate detailing of your kitchen that also involves the maintenance bit such as screw compressor handling, boiler upkeep, etc.

The hired professionals will help you when deciding on what to buy, whom to hire, and how to control the handy workers. They will help you oversee the project while giving you professional advice. However, it would help if you remembered that great contractors and designers have loads of work and are fully booked. Therefore, booking an appointment with them earlier may be a wise idea.

Shopping Essentials

When going shopping, it’s good to have a list of what you want, with professional advice from your contractor and designer. Eventually, you want to get quality materials that will give you the best finish. Shop for quality kitchen appliances: countertops, cabinets, sinks, faucets, tiles, backsplash, and lighting. When shopping for all this, ask for recommendations from friends and family where you can get affordable and quality items.

Determine the Layout of your Kitchen

At this point, you already have an idea of how you want your kitchen to appear. Discuss the tiny details with your contractor and designer, like the length of the counter, working space in the kitchen, the position of the fridge, stove, and sink. Such details might seem boring but are essential for the success of your kitchen renovation.

Setting Timeline for your Renovation

While we all know renovations do not take a weekend, most people do not know how long a renovation may be carried out. For starters, planning, shopping, booking professionals, and seeking permits may take between 3-6 months. Renovating, on the other hand, may take 1-3 months. The timeline depends on how you adequately planned enough financial resources, the load of the task, and your timeline.


Kitchen renovations require both mental and physical grit to be successful. The number of choices you must make, and finances you must provide may take a toll on your sanity for a minute. However, the results will be worth it once you get your dream kitchen.

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