Beauty Parlour Construction and Design

When living a busy lifestyle you might want to reward yourself with a day at the beauty parlour. When doing so, you expect it to be all about blow waves, relaxation, pampering, and overall rejuvenation. It is a sanctuary for a health-overhaul or a beauty makeover. For most women, a day like this is a day you wish would never end.

A beauty parlour’s construction and design achieve its purpose if it can meet all these expectations. Moreover, its interior design should appear beautiful, spacious, and efficient. 

Experimental Psychology

Like any other commercial space, a beauty parlour’s construction and interior design are structured to persuade a client to stay longer. This is aimed to be pursued in the most subtle way but with no intent to pressure the clients. 

For example, customers may be offered a manicure or pedicure while they wait for their perm to take effect. There’s a big chance that they would answer “yes”, because they have time to spare and the vibe in the salon just calls for it. 

What creates this vibe? 

First of all, there’s the comfortable (yet limiting) beauty chair. The key, however, is not the chair, but the pile of magazines on the side. With not much to do, the client tends to reach for a magazine while they wait and indulge in good looking models who are very well-groomed with the perfect hairdo and manicure and pedicure. The client then ends up feeling bad about not being on the same level as them, and they decide to book in more services to further enhance their beauty. 

Don’t forget the lighting and the soothing sounds too. These are all parts of the setup, polished to perfection with impeccable service and the staff’s perfect smile.

To reiterate, there was a study that surveyed 50% of supermarket purchases is made by impulse. That’s why the bread and milk are put in the corners or in-between the ends of the supermarket – to make everyone walk around and be enticed with more goods to fill the cart with.

Being in the beauty parlour is no different. While the customers are receiving services that take a long time, there is a perfect opportunity to up-sell packages. For example, if the client is having a perm, you can offer a spa package that comes with a manicure or pedicure, hair treatments or a foot spa. Or a haircut that comes with a make-up trial. And these packages will hopefully make the client stay longer. 

Considering all of these factors, let’s look at how it all works together.

The Play of Colors

Businesses and brands respect colour affectation and how it influences a consumer’s mood to make purchases. So far this is most noticeable online, but it’s becoming more and more popular in brick and mortar stores as well. 

For example, most user interfaces use blue because of this denotes reliability. This makes their business trustworthy. The colour brown is always perfect with something of elegance and grand. Lavender, is associated with rejuvenation and anything spa. So much to how the colour red simply means ‘stop’, and green means ‘go’.  All of these affect our moods. Provided the mix of the right colours in the palette, this could help you design your beauty parlour according to the theme you have in mind. 

Lighting and space  

If you don’t have a huge space at your disposal, a well-lit beauty salon could work well for you. This not only tracks a customer’s eyes to seeing your parlour spacious, but it magnifies anything small. It gives everyone entering your shop a better look at something when white lights fill up space.  

Conversely, dimly lit space relaxes people’s mood in an instant. If your customer goes for a haircut and that service comes with a simple back massage, it may be perceived as quite special since your lighting heightens the sensual feel of the massage. So, if you want your customer to have a one-of-a-kind experience in your parlour, go for this option. Mostly since word of mouth is powerful, and they will surely be talking about it! 

Polished outlook

Beauty parlours seem to have more umph when it looks tidy, clean and polished from the outside. Young and old, walk-ins or by appointment, customers are more likely to go for beauty parlours that appear professional and polished. So opt for a touch of gold-plated décor, go for yellow studio lights, and don’t neglect your mirrors. Polish them as frequently as possible. Many people will have a look at the beauty parlour’s interior design to decide whether it’s worth trying or not. 

Internal construction 

Plumbing, electric and water supply plus storage facilities should all be in the right condition for as long as the beauty parlour is operating. Every haircut, hair treatment and blow-dry may need a hair wash first – and for that you need, of course, a working shower! 

It’s imperative that you put effort into your beauty parlour’s construction and design, as it makes it a more engaging workplace for your employees. This leads to the provision of the best services to your customers. And we all know that customers lead to profit.

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