Why does mail take so long to get to places in Australia?

Why does mail take so long to get to places in Australia?

mail forwarding serviceThere are a number of reasons as to why mail can take what feels like forever to get to places. I bet you didn’t think stamps would hold your mail up well it does not in a huge amount of time but it has to go through a number of checks when it gets to the mail delivery venue before it can begins it journey to its final destination.

They have to check the weight and thickness and that the correct postage has been applied then another check on the delivery address takes place.

How can you get around this and make it a more simpler process? Using a post meter reduces half of the checks as the weight and postage is taken care of by the post meter machine meaning that your letter only has to go through one check for the destination address.

Now the next part of the journey, if you are going major city to major city then this is quick usually 2 business days.

If you are going to more remote locations however, for instance, Brisbane to Ingham then the mail has to go from Brisbane to Townsville by air, the mail delivery is then contracted out for the Townsville to Ingham part of the journey but this collection may only happen a couple of days a week, therefore if your mail arrives into Townsville just after the contractor picked up mail the letter could sit waiting for a few days before it starts its journey to Ingham. So somewhere within the same state took 6 business days to get there I know from personal experience.

As found on Australia Post website here are their standard delivery times

Delivery times Same State (Business Days)

Within metropolitan areas of capital cities or within the same city 1
Between metropolitan areas of capital cities N/A
Between metropolitan areas of capital cities and country location 2
Between country locations 2

Delivery times Other State (Business Days)

Within metropolitan areas of capital cities or within the same city N/A
Between metropolitan areas of capital cities 2
Between metropolitan areas of capital cities and country location 3
Between country locations 4

Express Post for QLD for next day delivery is listed below taken from Australia Post Website

Queensland State Network
Next business day delivery between the lcoations listed below.

Location Postcode range(s)
Brisbane and Suburbs
Gold Coast
Goodna/Booval/Ipswich/Boonah/Lockyer Valley
Toowoomba Area*

Strathpine/Caboolture/Sunshine Coast
Casino 4000-4209
4210-4299; 2484-2490; 9726; 9728; 9729
4350-4383; 4385-4428; 4486-4487; 4494-4498;
4700; 4701; 4702**; 4703
4810-4815; 4817; 4818*

Express Post National Network Taken from Australia Post website
For next business day delivery, Express Post items can be sent between all locations listed below.

Location Postcode range(s)
Canberra 2900-2920
Sydney and Suburbs
Gosford Region
Tweed Heads/Murwillumbah
Wollongong Area 1000-1920; 2000-2249; 2555-2574; 2740-2786
2280-2300; 2302-2310
Melbourne and Suburbs

Geelong and Suburbs
Latrobe Valley 3000-3210; 3335-3338; 3340*; 3427-3429;
3750*-3755*; 3757*; 3765-3767; 3782;
3785-3796; 3800-3806; 3810*; 3910-3915;
3930-3934; 3975-3977*; 8000-8899
3350; 3353-3356
3550; 3552-3556
3825; 3840-3844
Gold Coast
Booval/Ipswich Areas
City of Toowoomba
Sunshine Coast Areas
Maryborough City
Hervey Bay City
Bundaberg City 4000-4209
4210-4299; 9726; 9728; 9729
4350; 4352**
4500-4510; 4520
Adelaide 5000-5199; 5800-5999
Hobart Area
Launceston 7000-7019; 7050-7053; 7055; 7892
To and from Perth
From all places listed above to Perth CBD
6000-6005; 6800-6899
Only from Perth CBD
(6000-6005; 6800-6899) to:
Canberra CBD
Sydney CBD
Melbourne CBD
Brisbane CBD
Adelaide CBD
Hobart CBD

2600; 2601
1000-1299; 2000-2009
3000-3010; 8000-8010
5000-5005; 5800-5879

Any postcode not listed above Pass The Post is unable to get mail there for the next day. It can go express but Australia Post are unable to say how much quicker it would get there than standard mail just that it would get there as quick as possible.

So when you are travelling Australia and want to have your mail sent on please remember that it can take more than a few days to get mail to a location by standard mail and sometimes by express mail and factor this in when you get your mail sent out to save having to amend your travel plans having to wait on mail arriving.

It still astounds me the time it takes to get mail to places but when you think how vast the country is it does make sense for some of the remote places or places that are a little distance from the larger towns even within the same state.

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Why does mail take so long to get to places in Australia?

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