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Sending of post cards is out dated in the modern age. The alternate way to share the emotions is the awesome mail forwarding services of pass the post .


Sign up to Pass The Post before the end of January 2014 for 6 months and get an extra 6 months for free. That is a saving of $120. All you have to do is register for 6 months and make payment via paypal (or if you prefer you can contact the office for bank details, pay by credit card or post in a cheque/postal order) and Pass The Post will extend your contract for an extra 6 months. Ideal for those who have decided to leave home for the Summer in search of cooler climates in Victoria, SA or NSW What are you waiting for Click Here today not travelling until after this date take advantage of the offer now as your contract doesn't start until your first piece of mail arrives into the office.   Mail forwarding - special offer